The Network of Experts

Member Benefits

The Network of Experts provides a unique consulting opportunity for experienced professionals and subject matter experts.

Reasons To Join The Network


Consulting fees at a rate you set yourself

As a network Member, you will be paid for your participation. You set your own fair consulting rate.

A place to be heard

Your opinions and insights will form an important part of our research mosaic. Your expertise will help professional investors recognize and understand trends and issues in industries.


Members have opportunities to interact with influential Wall Street professionals, and, at the Member’s discretion, others in their industry. Interactions can occur through consultations and various forums and discussion groups that we host.

Convenience and flexibility

The Network is designed to be convenient and flexible for Members. You may elect to participate in projects based on your availability as well your knowledge and comfort level with the subject matter under discussion. You will not be obligated to accept any particular project, nor will you be restricted from performing other consulting work. (Please see our Terms and Conditions for more details.)

High integrity

Members are invited to provide insights on general industry trends, current industry issues, and products and services within their range of experience. You will never be expected to discuss anything with which you have a conflict of interest. Members may only accept projects with which you are comfortable with and on subjects that you are permitted to discuss.


Your personal information is kept confidential and is never sold to third parties.

Membership is free

There is no cost to join, and there are no fees required for participation in the Network.



  • Earn consulting fees
  • Be heard on issues that matter in your industry
  • Network
  • Interact with
    investors and corporate decision makers
  • Simple online application
  • Multiple ways to participate

“This is such a simple, un-intrusive, and rewarding way to shape decisions in my industry...As someone with 20 years of rich experience in diverse industries, I’m thrilled to put my knowledge to work...I highly recommend it.”

-- Peter Benda, Fortune 200 Executive