The Network of Experts

About Us

The Network of Experts

The Network of Experts is a global organization of industry professionals and subject matter experts.

Network Members provide insights and perspectives on their areas of expertise. In doing so Network Members provide collective insights and the building blocks of an information mosaic.

Member input helps to educate professional investors on key industry issues and trends.

Member interactions occur through surveys, telephone conversations, and in person meetings. Surveys can usually be completed online through our proprietary survey engine.

Members are never expected or permitted to discuss anything with which they have a conflict of interest.

Protecting your privacy as a Member is a priority. We never sell Member information to third parties.

Greenwood Research

Greenwood Research, LLC, a fundamental research and analysis firm, sponsors and manages The Network of Experts.

Greenwood Research uses The Network of Experts as a part of its Value Chain Research practice. Value Chain Research describes the process of understanding an industry and its related issues by looking at the interrelations of companies and customers within the industry. We believe that it is essential in this process to talk to people with first hand knowledge.

Who We Look For As Members

We are looking for Members in a wide range of industries and areas of expertise.



Basic Materials

Capital Goods/

Consumer Goods


Energy & Utilities

Financial Services

Government &


Homeland Security


Leisure, Lodging & Gaming






Within these industry groups, we look for people with all types of functional expertise. Members include scientists, academics, executives, salespeople, managers, marketers, engineers, product specialists, brokers, entrepreneurs, physicians, lawyers, accounting experts, professional consultants, and many others.



  • Earn consulting fees
  • Be heard on issues that matter in your industry
  • Network
  • Interact with
    investors and corporate decision makers
  • Simple online application
  • Multiple ways to participate

“This is such a simple, un-intrusive, and rewarding way to shape decisions in my industry...As someone with 20 years of rich experience in diverse industries, I’m thrilled to put my knowledge to work...I highly recommend it.”

-- Peter Benda, Fortune 200 Executive